The Obtain: hacking VR headsets, and contrails to chill the planet


The way it works: Jets launch warmth, water vapor, and particulate matter that may produce skinny clouds within the sky, referred to as “contrails”. When quite a few flights go by means of such areas, these contrails can type clouds that soak up radiation escaping from the floor, performing as blankets floating above the Earth.

Why it issues: A small fraction of general flights, between 2% and 10%, create about 80% of the contrails. So the rising hope is that merely rerouting these flights may considerably cut back the impact, presenting a probably excessive leverage, low price and quick manner of easing warming. Learn the complete story.

—James Temple

LLMs change into extra covertly racist with human intervention

The information: Since their inception, it’s been clear that enormous language fashions like ChatGPT soak up racist views from the hundreds of thousands of pages of the web they’re educated on. Builders have responded by attempting to make them much less poisonous. However new analysis means that these efforts are solely curbing racist views which might be overt, whereas letting extra covert stereotypes develop stronger and higher hidden. And it’s an issue that grows as these fashions get larger and greater.

How they did it: Researchers requested 5 AI fashions to make judgments about audio system who used African-American English (AAE). The race of the speaker was not talked about within the directions. Even when the 2 sentences had the identical that means, the fashions have been extra prone to apply adjectives like “soiled,” “lazy,” and “silly” to audio system of AAE than audio system of Commonplace American English. Learn the complete story.

—James O’Donnell


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