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Again within the mists of time, I made a set of binaural microphones by eradicating the small speaker in some in-ear earphones and soldering in some low-cost electret microphone modules. The outcomes have been wonderful typically, with the caveat that they have been hooked up to my head so that they did seize my respiratory. On the different finish of binaural experimentation, a lot of individuals have a tendency to stay microphones to head-shaped objects – a soccer, a balloon or higher, a foam dummy head. That is nice however usually lacks the precise ear geometry that some binaural purists really need. The BIMINI is a microphone setup that solves all of this with an incredible pair of faux silicon ears added to an fascinating PCB microphone module.

Binaural microphones, for these not acquainted, are microphones designed to file sound the identical approach human ears do. By putting the microphones the proper distance aside, and having ear-shaped guides for the sound, it creates a pure three-dimensional recording that when listened to with headphones methods your mind into feeling like you’re within the location the place the recording was made! It’s a really fascinating recording method, and should you’ve by no means heard it, seize a superb pair of headphones and do some looking on-line.

This product hails from Japan and there isn’t loads of element on the product web page. There’s a hyperlink to a repository with schematic info and we will see that the PCB has two MEMS microphone modules on board. The enclosure has gaps to mount the 2 silicon ears which emulate the ultimate journey of sound waves to the eardrum. It’s undoubtedly extra compact than carrying a big full foam head however we think about you may nonetheless draw somewhat consideration! There are separate jack sockets for every microphone channel output however the system additionally runs through USB-C that means that binaural seize could be achieved with an honest recording app in your USB-C host-capable cellphone.

Lastly, as a slight warning, there’s a small video clip the place we predict they’re demonstrating recording an “in-ear” noise of a cotton bud being inserted into the faux ear canal… maybe it’s simply us, but it surely makes us somewhat squeamish!


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