Lanthanide-doped KMgF₃ upconversion nanoparticles for photon avalanche luminescence


Lanthanide-doped KMgF3 upconversion nanoparticles for photon avalanche luminescence
Credit score: Nano Letters (2023). DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.3c02377

Lanthanide (Ln3+)-doped photon avalanche (PA) upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs) may be utilized in super-resolution bioimaging, miniaturized lasers, single-molecule monitoring and quantum optics.

Nevertheless, it stays difficult to appreciate photon avalanche in colloidal Ln3+-doped UCNPs at room temperature as a result of deleterious quenching impact related to floor and lattice OH defects.

A analysis group led by Prof. Chen Xueyuan from the Fujian Institute of Analysis on the Construction of Matter of the Chinese language Academy of Sciences has developed a novel strategy based mostly on the pyrolysis of KHF2 for managed synthesis of Ln3+-doped KMgF3 UCNPs, which might successfully shield Ln3+ from luminescence quenching by floor and inner OH defects, and thereby enhance upconversion luminescence.

The examine was revealed in Nano Letters on Sept. 8.

The researchers demonstrated that the KHF2 precursor may successfully forestall the era of OH defects throughout the development of UCNPs, which resulted in extremely environment friendly upconversion luminescence in Yb3+/Er3+ and Yb3+/Ho3+ co-doped KMgF3 UCNPs, with upconversion quantum yields of ~3.8% and ~1.1%, respectively, below 980 nm excitation at a energy density of 20 W cm-2.

Particularly, as a result of suppressed OH defects and enhanced cross-relaxation price between Tm3+ ions within the aliovalent Tm3+-doped system, the researchers realized environment friendly photon avalanche luminescence from Tm3+ at 802 nm in KMgF3: Tm3+ UCNPs upon 1,064 nm excitation at room temperature, with an enormous nonlinearity of ~27.0, a photon avalanche rise time of 281 ms, and a threshold of 16.6 kW cm-2.

Moreover, the researchers revealed the distinctive benefits of KHF2 for the managed synthesis of KMgF3: Ln3+ UCNPs, which endowed the UCNPs with tunable measurement, improved crystallinity, a diminished variety of floor and lattice defects (sometimes OH), and concomitantly improved upconversion luminescence and near-infrared-II downshifting luminescence efficiencies.

This examine offers an strategy for the event of extremely environment friendly photon avalanche UCNPs with large nonlinearities via aliovalent Ln3+ doping and crystal lattice engineering.

Extra info:
Meiran Zhang et al, Lanthanide-Doped KMgF3 Upconversion Nanoparticles for Photon Avalanche Luminescence with Large Nonlinearities, Nano Letters (2023). DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.3c02377

Lanthanide-doped KMgF₃ upconversion nanoparticles for photon avalanche luminescence (2023, October 13)
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