Why is there no deck 13 on cruise ships


Have you ever ever observed there isn’t a deck 13 on most cruise ships?

Traditionally, the maritime trade has been fairly superstitious and a few of that even holds up at present with how decks are deliberate.

Whenever you go on most ships, the elevators could have deck 12 adopted by deck 14.  Not all ships do, however some actually have this idiosyncrasy.

This could confuse some those who they missed a cease on a non-existent deck or just surprise why it would not exist.

As you may think, the explanation for skipping deck is out of concern the quantity brings dangerous luck.

For instance, Royal Caribbean’s ground-breaking new cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, would not have deck 13.  A model new cruise ship that launches in 2024 omits quantity 13 from its structure!

In truth, there’s not even a room that ends in “13”. 

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Most Oasis Class ships skip deck 13, nonetheless, Quantum Class cruise ships have deck 13.

Radiance, Voyager and Freedom Class ships have it.  The Imaginative and prescient Class is just too brief to achieve deck 13.

One other attention-grabbing twist is you wont discover cabins on deck 13.  If a ship has a deck 13, they use it for sports activities actions or different public venues.

A part of the reason being larger decks are normally the place you discover public venues, however there could also be part of crusing public that may not need to keep on deck 13 due to the fortunate connotation the quantity has.

It is in all probability why many motels in the US additionally do not have a flooring 13, as a result of some clients would not need to keep there.

Different cruise ship superstitions

Deck numbering is not the one superstition that holds as much as today.  

In the event you cruise sufficient, you may in all probability run into not less than a couple of different superstitions inside the cruise trade.


Each cruise ship has a godmother, which serves as a ceremonial place, and sure, it is virtually at all times a lady.  Different ships have had girls maintain the position, together with famend athletes, celebrities and royalty.

The godmother’s job is to present the ship a blessing for the protection of the crew members and passengers who will sail onboard it. 

Not solely does having a godmother guarantee luck is on the facet of the ship and crew, it is a terrific advertising and marketing alternative for the cruise line.

Fortunate cash

New cruise ships even have a coin ceremony, which takes place on the time of keel laying.

Keel laying is a crucial milestone in new cruise ship development. It is when shipbuilders place a pair of cash below the keel block of the brand new ship to bless the ship and as a logo of fine fortune.

Some Royal Caribbean cruise ships point out the place the cash are situated. Within the case of Oasis of the Seas, you will want to move as much as the bow sundeck on deck 14.  The fortunate cash are held in a cupboard that’s welded to the ship and has a small commemorative plaque. 

Naming ceremonies

The Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans known as upon their respective Gods to guard their ships and crew. 

The Vikings would make human sacrifices in honor of a brand new ship to appease the gods, and Greeks drank wine whereas blessing the brand new ship with water.

Many many years in the past, they might smash a bottle of Champagne throughout the hull of a brand new ship for good luck.  They nonetheless try this at present, however normally it is finished mechanically, with the godmother urgent a button to make the magic occur.

Lacking deck 17

Just like skipping 13, some European cruise ships skip deck 17.

In Italy, the quantity 17 is taken into account unfortunate, as a result of the quantity 17 written in Roman numerals is XVII, which is an anagram of VIXI. This interprets in Latin to “I’ve lived”, which suggests to be lifeless.

For that cause, you could not discover a deck 17 on their ships.  MSC Cruises is one line that goes from deck 16 to deck 18, similar to on MSC Meraviglia, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Bellissima.


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